Twin Blade Ltd
Makers of the Manta Equation twin foil mono-hull sailboat

Performance sailing for everyone.

Concepts and design philosophy

The main concept behind the Manta Equation is to produce a performance sailboat that is suitable for just about anyone. She sails like a keelboat with the convenience and ease of handling of a dinghy, and combines the stability of a multihull with the manoeuvrability of a monohull. The helmsman remains in a comfortable, forward facing seated position with the controls of all three sails readily to hand. This is ideal for those who don't want to or can't jump around a dinghy, but still want to sail small boats. The exceptional stability provided by the twin foils means that there is neither the need nor the possibility of hanging out over the side, which makes the boat ideal for relaxing, dry cruising. But make no mistake, she can also be very exciting and challenging if sailed enthusiastiaclly.

The rear seat can be used for storage or for carrying passengers, one adult or two children. Thus as well as small families looking for a relaxing cruise, the boat would also appeal to novices and trainees, with the possibility of an instructor supervising from the back seat.

All the control sheets and halyards are led to the bridge in front of the adjustable seat, with the rudders linked to foot pedals and hand levers, the kicker, outhaul, uphaul and mainsail reefing lines close to hand. This means that the boat would also be perfect for disabled sailors looking to sail or even compete with others without any disadvantage. It is sailing ability that counts with the Manta equation, not physical ability or level of fitness.

With no centreboard the Manta Equation can be sailed from a beach, or she can be left moored ready to go thanks to the self-draining cockpit. The road trailer is also the launching trolley and can be used on any slipway that would take a conventional dinghy.

With the provision of a gennaker, the Manta Equation is also capable of surprising performance. In what other boat can you relax in dry comfort, train, take out your family, and race?

Twin Blade Ltd believe that everyone should have the opportunity to sail. In the Manta Equation, new sailors and novices will find a boat in which they can train without getting wet or jumping around. Those with physical disabilities will find a boat in which they can sail just as well as anyone else, and parents will find a boat in which they can take out their kids and even let them have a go themselves in perfect safety. The boat is very forgiving, yet the expert will find a boat that responds to skillful handling and is both challenging and rewarding to sail well.

Anyone can sail the Manta Equation, and everyone should have one.