Twin Blade Ltd
Makers of the Manta Equation twin foil mono-hull sailboat

The one boat that does it all.


Photos of the Twin Blade Manta Equation in action during testing or at various shows and demos around the country. All will fit into 800X600 and are around 40KB. Higher resolution copies are available, just ask. Click the image for a full size shot.

You can also check out the other two galleries, showing the development and build sequence and a selection of short movie clips.

The first production boat (002) at Cardiff Bay

A selection of pictures

3 square miles of lake, all to myself!

I'll tack, there's no-one else about.

A film crew trying to keep up with Ian, the weather was as bad as it looks.

Guess the combined age and win a sail round Cardiff Bay!

A few overhead shots, of the Prototype (P1) and the production boat (002), these show off the unique shape rather well.

Ian's daughter, Abby having her first sailing lesson, flying all three sails within half an hour. Go for it Abby!

Sea Trials, off Sully South Wales. A good force four with moderate seas and a fairly mild tide of 6 knots or so. Mostly Alan Elworthy enjoying himself!

Single line reefing test on Cardiff Bay, 12th June 2003. Blowing well, not really enough to reef down, but enough to prove the system and do some tweaking.

Beale Park Show 6th to 8th June 2003, the first public outing of the Manta Equation.