Twin Blade Ltd
Makers of the Manta Equation twin foil mono-hull sailboat

Designed to exceed your expectations.


Technical Data for the Manta Equation

Total length (excluding bowsprit) 4·75m
Bowsprit extention 0·90m
Waterline length 4·40m
Max. beam (assembled) 2·40m
Width (foils removed for transport) 1·80m
Min draft 0.30m
Draft at 45° heel 0.70m
Total empty weight 255kg
Max all-up weight 450kg
Sail areas
Mainsail 5m²
Jib 2m²
Gennaker 8m²

Each Twin Blade Manta Equation comes complete and ready to sail, with full rig and all three sails including sail logos and numbers. A masthead Windex is fitted. All fittings and rigging for the single line gennaker launch/retrieval system and the single line mainsail reefing system are supplied. Jib furling gear is included.

There are three built in buoyancy tanks, one under the gennaker chute, one under each side deck, all have inspection covers. There is also a slab of very low-density foam fixed under the cockpit floor. In addition the foils, which are partially foam filled, provided a further 65kg each. Together these give over 490kg of built in sealed buoyancy, with the construction materials displacing over125kgs the total built in buoyancy is in excess of 615kgs, (the max all up weight is only 450kgs.).

The side buoyancy tank inspection covers are fitted with storage bags. The hatch in the rear bulkhead, behind the rear seat, is used to install and if necessary, access the cockpit drain. A screw-in drain bung is fitted to the rear of the hull.

Two flat, solid foam fenders are provided. These are normally stowed in their recesses in the side deck, and can be released from within the boat to protect the foils when coming alongside, the cords are adjustable to suit differing pontoon hieghts. Telescopic combined paddle/boat-hooks are fitted, one under each side deck.